“Rebuilding America from the Ground up, one Community at a time.
- MADLY Rebuilding. GetMAD

Mid American Dreamers mission is to MADly Rebuild Communities, Unity, Necessities, Resources, Small Businesses, Careers, Start-up, Charity and Fundraising Opportunities. We are Re-Building the American Dream for anyone willing to work for everyone, so trade your pride for American Love, and help use rebuild the world from the ground below to the heaven above.


1. Invest $10K in cash and GET STARTED
2. Invest a minimum of 10 hours per week of free services
3. Launch 10 MAD Communities with local assistance
4. Create 10 Key Partnerships and MADBANKS expansions
5. Find 10 Key Investors\Angels, Donators and\or Co-founders
6. Complete 10 MAD Commerce Projects - Start and or Pivoting
7. Complete MAD U curriculums and develop 10 MAD Graduates
8. Complete 10 MAD Charity events or projects for Communities
9. Make 10-12 Donations at a minimum (from monthly to weekly)
10. Find 10 Key Contributing Partners for Content, MADU & more


Mid American Dreamers Non-Profit status completed on January 8, 2021 (FILE NO. 73107768).

The mission of Mid American Dreamers is to help Build and Rebuild local communities – one at a time, across American and eventually around the world by focusing on Community (Unity), Commerce, Careers, Charity and Covid19 (Good News and stories only).

MAD COMMUNITIES (CommUnity) is where we ignite resident participation, unification, support systems, resource creation and much more. Besides trying to ensure that families have the basics via MAD BANKS (Food, clothes, toys, books, Electronics, etc.), we will focus on rebuilding Communities from the Ground up, focusing on Children, teens and young adults up to 21. Other aspects of the Community include online resources, virtual communities, monthly zoom meetings (segmented), activities, facebook groups, discussions, Q&A, RA (Residence Assistance) and more.

MAD COMMERCE (CommCash) will attempt to promote and assist local business with advertising, marketing, consultation, New Covid Marketing Strategies, Menus and will partner Residents with local businesses via the MAD Academy, CommBizClub and more.

MAD CAREERS (CommEd) will create a bridge between High School and vocations with an emphasis on the future and a new technological, digital society because traditional school is boring for most teens and unfortunately, most college graduates are in un-employed, underemployed and\or riddled with debt.

MAD University will offer free online lessons and private lessons on Graphic Design, Digital and Video Production and much more. MAD Academy partners with MAD Commerce and help their local Communities while learning HOW TO use their new skills in Businesses or a new Career path. MAD CHARITY (CommCare) supports vulnerable residents, seniors, Front Line Workers', First Responders, Essential workers and local municipalities, Non Profits and\or Charites.

MAD COVID19 (CommVid19) Will ensure that residents have PPE equipment and have access to up-to-date Covid19 information and ONLY Positive news, ideas, collaborations, local stories and more.

The concept of Mid American Dreamrers was created in March of 2020 by Ron Carroll in Pilsen to serve Pilsen-Lawndale-China Town, where I worked with local busineses and the Alderman.

My initial efforts entailed providing plywood to board up businesses during the BLM protests, providing PPE equipment and basic education of it’s usage to local Small Businesses, creating a Covid19 Cicago Website, Facebook page and creating a Pivoting Business plan for a local restaurant that has been in business for over 30 years.

In 2020, I started helping Small Businesses in Pilesn, and oN January 8, 2021, I created a Non-Profit called Mid American Dreamers (.org) and a ABN called Mid American Dreamers | Ronald Carroll. Withstanding, 2021 will be the first expansion of the MAD concept in Suburbs or Southern Chicago and Dyer Indiana. In December of 2021, Mid American Dreamers | Ron Carroll, donated PPE equipment, Toys and Food the the Glenwood Fire Department for its annual Christmas Donation Drive.

In the first quarter of 2021, Mid American Dreamers will launch all five Sections fo our mission and begin the rebuilding process in 3-5 Communities – South Suburbs, North Suburbs, Rogers Park and Pilsen-Lawndale....more to come!